Treach Reveals Why Tupac Really Left Hospital After NY Shooting

Treach of Naughty By Nature, appeared on Math Hoffa where he revealed the reason Tupac left the hospital after the infamous New York shooting.

Back in 1994, while entering Quad Studios prepared to record a feature for Lil Shawn, Tupac was shot multiple times in the lobby. The incident set off the beef between Tupac and Biggie Smalls, as Shakur felt B.I.G. betrayed their friendship and sided with those involved in his shooting.

Tupac who was taken to Bellevue hospital, under went surgery. Less than 24 hours later, Tupac exit the hospital against doctors orders. It is well known that Tupac did not feel safe at the hospital. Shakur would receive death threats at the hospital from those claiming they were ready to “finish the job.”

Math Hoffa and Treach (@math.hoffa)

Yes, Tupac hid with a trusted friend of the family after leaving the hospital. To ensure he would remain in at a safe unknown location as he recovered and recollected his thoughts, Tupac stayed at Jasmine Guy’s home. “I had an apartment and it was a good hiding place cause people didn’t even know that we were friends,” Jasmine Guy recalls. “Afeni was very vulnerable when we first met, because the whole family was in trauma, you know with Tupac being shot.” (View: JASMINE GUY HID TUPAC SHAKUR IN HER HOUSE AFTER BEING SHOT!)

Speaking to Math Hoffa, Treach, revealed another another reason Tupac left the hospital. No one could change Tupac’s mind, including his own mother, Afeni Shakur. According to Treach, Afeni asked him to speak to Tupac and explain the doctors had suggested he stay or risk an infection.


Treach ensured Tupac the hospital was fully guarded with those trusted by Shakur, but still Treach failed to change Tupac’s mind. “I’m like we downstairs ain’t nobody coming up here,” Treach said during his Math Hoffa interview. “He’s like, ‘No, I don’t trust these doctors. I think these ni–as might put something in me. They know my mama.'” Tupac knew he was a target given his family background and his own actions and voice as the leader of his generation.


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