Tupac Painting Displayed At House Of BET Thanks To His Sister

Tupac’s sister and President of the Tupac Amaru Shakur Foundation, Sekyiwa “Set” Shakur, shares painting for House Of BET.

As Hip Hop celebrates its 50th birthday, Set Shakur has offered to display a painting of her brother at the House Of BET.

Although many paintings of the late rap icon exist, this particular painting was actually owned by Tupac. In fact, the painting was gifted to Tupac by a close friend in TLC member, Left Eye. During their rise to fame, Left Eye and Tupac formed a friendship, which also led to musically collaborating with one another. Left Eye appeared on Tupac’s posthumous release “Until The End Of Time” on the song “Let Em Have It (Remix),” while Tupac was featured in Left Eye’s “Supernova” on the song “Untouchable.”

Sekyiwa Shakur standing with Tupac painting by Left Eye

After Shakur’s demise, Tupac’s mother Afeni Shakur gifted the painting to Sekyiwa. “My mother gifted the painting to me, and allowed me to frame it and keep it in my home,” Set tells BET in an exclusive interview. “The painting became my tribute to my brother and a part of my altar to remember him for many years.”

Now more than 26 years later the painting by Left Eye will be displayed at the House Of BET. “The painting speaks to Left Eye and Tupac’s love of hip-hop, friendship, community and their genuine support of each other’s dreams,” she explained. “I hope this heirloom from the Shakur’s can continue to be an heirloom to the culture and community of hip-hop for many years to come.”

Set Shakur is coming off the Hollywood Star ceremony where she accepted her brother’s under the category of Recording. Held on June 7th 2023, Tupac was honored with the 2,758th star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Friends and family, including the Outlawz and Mopreme Shakur were all on hand for the incredible occasion.

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