After Tupac’s Death Kadafi’s Life Could’ve Been Saved Says Noble

Young Noble reveals that Outlawz member Yaki Kadafi’s death could have been avoided after the passing of Tupac Shakur.

The Outlawz have endured perhaps the most tragedy, not only at a young age, but overall and more than any other group in hip hop history. After dominating the hip hop scene in 1996 along with Tupac Shakur, everything came to a halt on September 7 and just like the notorious domino effect, what came next required the other remaining members to keep their heads up.

Still their music lives on and their impact along with Tupac Shakur continues to live on decades later. Unfortunately whenever those anniversaries come around celebrating such accomplishments, it only opens the doors for the what ifs.

Young Noble

As Tupac’s iconic albums and first posthumous release, The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory, turns 27 years old on November 5th, Young Noble reflected on the project.

“It was the first album I’ve ever been on. I was 18 years old. I co-wrote 4 songs on the album. Bomb First, Hail Mary, Just like daddy and Life of an Outlaw. We recorded the whole album in just 3 days,” wrote Young Noble on his IG caption. “2pac had passed away 2 months before on Sept 13, 96 and 5 days after on Nov 10, 96 my Outlaw brother Kadafi was killed at 19 years old.”

Outlawz perform at Tupac’s memorial

Young Noble remembers the day vividly. According to Noble, a day prior to the memorial, himself along with E.D.I. Mean, Napoleon, and Kastro, were in Atlanta ready to perform at Tupac’s memorial 24 hrs later. This is when they received word that Kadafi had been killed.

“We was extremely devastated but Afeni pleaded for us to perform. She said she needed us so we couldn’t let Auntie down. Fatal & Kadafi was still in Jersey. They both missed their flights they didn’t want to perform. They felt like Pac died so it’s basically over for The Outlawz,” explained Noble.

Days prior to the memorial, Young Noble says he was in Jeresy with Kadafi and Fatal. According to Noble, both had promised they would take a flight to Atlanta and perform.

Young Noble and Kadafi talk for the last time

“Kadafi was pronounced dead a few days later on the eve before Pac’s memorial. I talked to Kadafi the day before he was killed. He called Afeni’s house and told us him and Fatal couldn’t get on another flight, which wasn’t true they just didn’t want to come. Our last convo wasn’t good. I basically cussed him out. We was all disappointed that they didn’t come on purpose. We felt like Pac deserved better from them both,” said Noble. “Till this day I feel like my bro would still be alive if they would of just got on their damn flight!!”

Years later another Outlawz member, Hussein Fatal, would lose his life tragically in a car accident. Despite all the tragedy throughout the years The Outlawz continued to create music, impacting listeners around the world. Down to only 2 active members, Noble appreciates the support throughout the years.

“‘Pac made so many enemies before he passed the industry tried to blackball us but times like this remind me of the impact Pac and The Lawz had on not just the fans but our peers in music. Which is the highest honor as an artist to have other creatives be inspired by the music, pain, joy, lessons, struggles we as artists choose to share with the world. Our music is a reflection of us. 2Pac and Outlawz music stood the test of time and inspired your favorite rappers and I’m damn proud of my guys and the messages we put in our songs from day 1! We still turning our pain into power our struggle into success and our tragedy into triumph it’s The Outlaw Way!”


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