Tupac’s To Live And Die In L.A. Video Turns 25, Story Behind ’61 Impala

Twenty-five years ago, the music video for Tupac’s ‘To Live In And Die In L.A.’ was released. We take a look at the story behind the ’61 Impala.

Produced by QD3, the hit single ‘ To Live In And Die In L.A.’ was off Tupac’s iconic and conversional Makaveli album. Featuring Val Young, the single was according to Tupac the new “anthem” from Los Angeles. Recorded in Can-Am Studios in August of 1996, the single was the second off The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory.

Learn how to think ahead, so I fight with my pen
Late night down sunset, likin’ the scene
What’s the worst they can do to a nigga?
Got me lost in Hell, to live and die in L.A. on bail

– Tupac

Throughout the video, fans get to see Tupac Shakur having a good time on the streets of L.A. and riding around a yellow ’61 impala. In an exclusive interview with Heart of an Outlaw show, LongBeach Lloyd clears the air on why he knows the ’61 Impala he purchased earlier in 2020 is the one seen in Tupac’s music video.

Since purchasing the exact ’61 Impala which appeared in Tupac’s posthumous music video, LongBeach Lloyd had doubters questioning the authenticity of the car. Right before the pandemic hit, the California native came across a post posted by Cali Boy who was selling the ’61 Impala. Apart from the car not in the price range for Lloyd, many within his circle questioned whether or not this was the car in Tupac’s music video.

Lloyd had no doubt this was indeed the car which up for sale by Cali Boy. “I went out there to look for myself and it was the car. I knew it before I even got verification of it just by looking at it,” Lloyd said who studied everything about the car before attempting to get his hands on it.


“I started messing with the glove box, cause you couldn’t get it open, they told me it was stuck,” LongBeach Lloyd explains. “When I opened it, production papers were in there. But, the best part about it was the registration papers to the plates, to the music video were right there in the car.” Now without a doubt, Lloyd knew this was the exact ’61 Impala used in Tupac’s ‘To Live & Die In L.A’ music video.

Watch the full interview below.


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