Chuck D On Writing To 2Pac In Prison: You Lead, Don’t Follow

Hip Hop icon Chuck D of Public Enemy appeared on Jemele Hills Unbothered where he spoke about 2Pac sending him a letter from jail.

Back in 1994 prior to being shot in Times Square, 2Pac was scheduled to go on tour with legendary Hip Hop group Public Enemy. Going back to his early days with Digital Underground Public Enemy was responsible for putting them on tour. Along with a young rookie in Treach of Naughty of Nature, 2Pac gained a lot of experience during those tour days and was schooled by Chuck D.

Chuck D On Writing To 2Pac In Prison: You Lead, Don't Follow
Chuck D (Courtesy of the Rock Hall)

After his incarnation for the alleged rape charge, once again Chuck D tried schooling Shakur as he sent him a letter while Shakur was locked up. “What you looking for bro, this is what you wanted,” Chuck D wrote in his letter to 2Pac which has never became public till this day. “You lead, you don’t follow.”

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2pac's letter to Chuck D
2pac’s letter to Chuck D from prison

Shakur would write back to Chuck D which has become public. “Back in the dayz, on tour with u, I learned so much from what u did and how u did it,” Shakur wrote. “It may be hard 2 C but u have alwayz played a major role in what it is I do 2day,” wrote 2pac.


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