Kid: 2Pac Helped To Beat Up The Bootleggers, Was Down For Anything

Kid interviewed by Vlad TV spoke about the times he was on tour with Digital Underground and how 2Pac was always down for anything.

In his late teens Shakur along with Digital Underground toured with K ‘N Play, along with Heavy D and Public Enemy to name a few. During those times Shakur would do just about everything. From dancing, carrying equipment, and even chasing bootleggers as Kid details in the interview.

“2Pac was down for anything,” Kid explains. “He was all over the place and down for anything. A lot of times we’d have problems with bootleggers outside the show, bootlegging t-shirts and stuff like that. A lot of times we send our guys to go grab the shirts or beat the bootleggers take their money, that kind of stuff. And, he was always down for that. He didn’t care if it was his group or not.”

During his time spent around 2Pac, Kid says Shakur was always down for anything. Kid even goes on to share a funny story which he claims to have recorded till this day. Kid also noted that 2Pac was very passionate about everything, and this was the case when tragedy hit.

“When tragically that year when one of Heavy D’s dancers Trouble T Roy when he passed away. That’s when he fell off the ramp in Indianapolis, he passed away suddenly. That broke up 2Pac. He was particularly upset. I remember seeing him at memorial services and he was very very upset, punching walls.”

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