Irv Gotti To All Rappers On Drink Champs: Nobody Is Tupac

Appearing on Drink Champs was Irv Gotti who holds Shakur at the highest regards and had a message for all rappers, you’re not Tupac!

Coming off his previous headline making interview on Drink Champs back in 2022, Irv Gotti was back but this time solo. Previously Irv was accompanied by Ja Rule, who despite not being present was brought into the conversation.

With the topic on hand being who is the next DMX? Irv Gotti quickly shut down any Tupac comparisons. “Nobody’s ‘Pac,” said Irv Gotti when co-host Nore suggested that DMX and Ja Rule were a version of Tupac. “Nobody is ‘Pac.”

“The man seen some white people beating up a n**** and shot them. All you rap n****s is not ‘Pac. Once he did that, it’s not close. He pulls out his gun and blast. You’re not ‘Pac. Don’t even go there. I hold ‘Pac at the highest, highest, highest regards,” added Irv.

Irv Gotti on Drink Champs
Irv Gotti (Drink Champs)

The former Murder Inc records CEO is referring to the incident that took place on Halloween of 1993. Coming off a live performance, Tupac and his entourage was headed to the hotel, when Shakur witnessed two White males beating up an individual. Shakur quickly became involved and shot two off duty officers. Charges against Tupac were later dropped when it became know that the two officers were intoxicated and were carrying stole guns from a Henry County police evidence locker (Also view: Actor Leon Robinson Recalls Tupac Shooting Two Off Duty Cops)

“It’s so crazy, cause when you really get into ‘Pac and listen to his lyrics, ‘I hope I die straight thuggin.’ He died straight thuggin,” continued Gotti. “His prophecy is retarded on the lyrics that he spoke and how he conducted his life. You put the f***ing sh*t together, you’re like, ‘Yo. Ain’t nobody this n****.'”

Biggie Smalls was name dropped during the interview. Gotti, who met Biggie and toured with the Brooklyn rapper, praised the New York legend. Giving Biggie a nod over Tupac when it came to his rapping skills, Gotti still insisted that there was no one on ‘Pac’s level.

“‘Pac was just different, because he was just the realest n**** ever created. Which made him the top n****,” explained Irv during the 2-hour plus interview. “This n**** died stomping out a gangbanger and then got blasted thuggin. This n**** is the biggest rapper in the world, what the f*** is you doing.”

Gotti is referring to the Vegas incident in the MGM lobby where Tupac and Orlando Anderson got into an altercation which is believed led to Shakaur’s demise moments later. Keefe D, Orlando’s uncle, who claims to have been in the car and next to the shooter who took Shakur’s life, is currently facing imminent charges 27 years later. (View: NEW Police Video As Keefe D’s Home Is Raided In Las Vegas)


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