Spice-1 On Why Keefe D Would Say Tupac Is Alive

"I take it personal because I know I was supposed to be in that car," Spice-1.

Spice-1 says he wouldn’t be surprised if Keefe D told LVPD and the world that Tupac was still alive as the ongoing investigation continues.

After LVPD searched a home on Monday (July 18) in connection with Tupac’s 1996 shooting, arguably the darkest day in hip hop has been a hot topic once again. One of Tupac’s closest comrades in Spice-1 appeared on VLAD TV where the Bay Area rapper chimed in the matter.

“It depends if they got him in custody or not right now. If they got him in custody he got problems. If he not in custody he might be straight,” said Spice-1 responding to LVPD raiding a house in connection with Keefe D. “And depending on what they found in there and what he said, can and will be used against him. It can go either way when it comes to that.”

Spice-1 talks Keefe D and Tupac on VLAD TV
Spice-1 talks Keefe D and Tupac on VLAD TV

Clearly still bothered and hurt by what went down on the Vegas Strip nearly 27 years ago, Spice-1 is ready for some closure. “I’m still pissed off if the n**** had anything to do with it. Or if he did it or any of that s***,” explained Spice-1. “You better hope they don’t do nothing that catch you slipping, cause you know how Vegas police is. Don’t no one wanna go to jail in Vegas.”

Interesting enough, Spice-1 claims he would have been sitting in the same BMW with Suge Knight and Tupac Shakur. According to the rapper, he declined Tupac’s offer despite Shakur being persistent.

“Like I said I was supposed to be sitting in the car with ‘Pac that day. So everything that happened to that car, I always think I was supposed to be in that car,” revealed Spice-1 on VLAD TV. “I had just left ‘Pac that day and I got memories of ‘Pac standing in the car saying, ‘Come on you can come right now. You can change your clothes when you get to Vegas.'”

The investigation is still developing leaving many to wonder what exactly is going on. One thing is for sure, Keefe D’s own words might have done him in. Boosting about being involved in Tupac’s murder in various interviews and in his 2019 book, Compton Street Legend, could seal the deal and his fate.

“They’re gonna use everything he said against him. You know you got so many saying and wondering if Tupac is still alive. I wouldn’t be surprised if he got out there and said Tupac is still alive. When people get in desperate situations there’s no telling what they’ll say,” added Spice-1.

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