The Rock’s Workout Includes “Chest Back Super Pump” And Tupac

On March 18th, 369 of the millions and millions of The Rock followers witnessed his Saturday training which included Tupac’s All Eyez On Me and a “Chest Back Super Pump” routine.

As he so often does, Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock, shares workout videos on his Instagram account. Accompanying those videos is The Rock’s go to workout song, Tupac’s All Eyez On Me. While many hip hop fans would agree, the song is quite inspirational and could help to motivate anyone through their rigorous workout routine.

For The Rock, the song has an even more deeper connection to Hollywood’s biggest draw. Many are unaware, but The Rock started his career at the USWA, long before his WWE debut. At the time The Rock would wrestle under the ring name of Flex Kavana and was, “pist broke making forty bucks per match.”

The Rock's Workout Includes "Chest Back Super Pump" And Tupac
The Rock

“I first started my pro wrestling career, well before the bright lights of the WWE, in a little wrestling territory called the USWA down in Memphis, Tennessee,” The Rock explained in a 2018 throwback video. “My very first match in the company in front of about two hundred people, at a flea market, ‘All Eyez On Me’, this was my ring music.”

This wouldn’t sit well with the promoters, who suggested to The Rock to not use the song. “After the match the promoter came to me & was like “Dee, you can’t use this music! Theirs kid’s out there, there’s a lot of motherf–ka’s in the song and N words”, I was like well I’m sorry to tell, I gotta’ be me, I have integrity and if I go out there then this is my ring music!”

The promoter then threatened to fire The Rock, who quickly ran to find a clean version of the iconic song. “I found the radio version of ‘All Eyez on Me’ kept my integrity. The bottom line is always be you, always play chess when everybody else is playing checkers, always play the long game! All Eyez on Me!”

The Rock once again went to his go to workout song this past Saturday. Along with the video and Shakur’s song playing in the background, Dwayne Johnson shared his “Chet Back Super Pump” workout.

The Rock’s Saturday training: chest back super pump 💪🏾

  • all supersets the entire workout
  • 4 sets per station – 2 exercises per station
  • 20 reps per exercise
  • 5 second hold/stretch on the 20th rep

🚨 4 stations / 8 exercises total🚨

⏲️ 60-75 seconds rest periods

“Maaan this 2Pac song will always be one of my personal anthems for what it represented in my life during that time of hungry struggle. Always be you, play chess, not checkers and always play the long.”

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