Tupac’s Brother Responds To Keefe D Saying Diddy Ordered The Hit

Mopreme Shakur, step-brother of Tupac Shakur, responds to claims made by Keefe D stating Diddy had ordered a hit on Tupac’s life.

With evidence being presented to a grand jury in hopes of convicting Keefe D in connection with the murder of Tupac Shakur, many are wondering if the rumors involving Diddy are true. As LVPD raided Keefe D’s home back in July and then two months later arresting Keefe D, Diddy’s possible involvement became a hot topic.

Just as Keefe D “snitched” on himself in his 2019 autobiography Compton Street Legend, the former gang leader also claimed that Diddy had ordered a hit on Tupac’s life. An order that came with a $1 million dollar check. According to Keefe D, three days after leaving Las Vegas in 1996, he and others met with “Zip” at a restaurant. This is when according to Keefe D he received a phone call from Diddy asking, “Was that us?”

“I didn’t say nothing,” said Keefe D, as he told Vlad in response to Diddy’s question. During his 2019 interview with VLAD TV, Keefe D also acknowledged the Fed’s involvement with the unsolved Tupac murder. According to Keefe D, the Feds said the alleged $1 million check was given to “Zip” who did not payout the money to Keefe D and those in the white Cadillac on September 7. Instead “Zip” would go on to use the money and open up a nightclub.

Appearing on Comedy Hype, Mopreme Shakur was asked about his thoughts concerning the rumor that Diddy had ordered the hit which ultimately led to Tupac’s demise.

“I don’t have to do anything. This individual mentioned dudes name,” said Mopreme referring to Keefe D claiming Diddy had a $1 million dollar check in return for a hit on Tupac Shakur. “Law enforcement has a job to do. Will they do it?”

“It does feel like ‘Pac is being vindicated, because you know back in them days when things were going down, everybody thought he was crazy. He may not have expressed it probably, but that don’t mean he was wrong,” said Mopreme.

Back in 1994 when Tupac was shot at Quad Studios in New York, Shakur immediately pointed the finger on Biggie Smalls and Puff Daddy aka Diddy. Although Shakur felt others were also involved, the war between two former friends was ignited, along with the east coast vs west coast war insinuated by the media. Some found it hard to believe that Puff Daddy had any involvement with Tupac’s shooting on November 30th 1994. Diddy in various interviews would go on to deny such claims.

Years later, Diddy found himself again tied to another Tupac shooting. Back in 2016, Diddy appeared on The Breakfast Club where he was asked about being accused of having Tupac killed. When asked by co-host Charlamagne, Diddy simply denounced the rumors by saying “it’s nonsense.”

Two years later and again Diddy was in the news tied to the murder of Tupac Shakur. This time around hip hop megastar, Eminem, shocked the world with one clever lyrical bar. “But Kells, the day you put out a hit’s the day Diddy admits That he put the hit out that got Pac killed,” rapped Eminem on the 2018 diss record “Killshot” aimed at Machine Gun Kelly.

Diddy would not address Eminem’s lyrics publicly. Instead Joe Budden revealed a conversation he and Diddy had about the lyrics. “Nothing to speculate about. Nothing to talk about,” Budden said. “Puff said it’s in his hands and he said I can tell ya. That’s the end of that.”


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