Mopreme Shakur’s OMG Moment After Hearing Tupac Perfected Song

Cece and Romeo of 93.5 KDAY had the honor of interviewing Mopreme Shakur where he spoke about the time he felt Tupac really perfected a song.

Mopreme Shakur, step-brother of Tupac Shakur, also recorded music with his brother on the group Thug Life. Only album was released back in 1994, but the two brothers always remain protective over each other. Sometimes, Tupac a bit more protective as Mopreme explained on 93.5 KDAY.

When asked by co-host Cece, which Tupac song reminds him of when the two were in studio, Mopreme recalled the time he heard ‘So Many Tears’ for the very first time.

“I forgot the name of the studio, but we were listening to ‘So Many Tears’ with Shock G. The record was finally done and we all met up with Shock at the studio. Cause Shock, rest in peace, much love to Shock and Digital. Shock produced it and once we heard it, it was oh my god. Oh my god, did you hear that,” Mopreme recalled. “It was almost perfect. Pac was perfect on it to us. We was like, ‘oh my god what’s gonna happen after this.'”

The song ‘So Many Tears’ was featured on Tupac’s third studio album ‘Me Against The World.’ Although the album debuted at number one while Tupac was in prison, the song itself did not have great success commercially. Peaking only at number 44 on the Billboard Hot 100, but number 6 on the Billboard U.S. Hot Rap Songs. The single is a favorite among Tupac fans and peers in the hip hop community.

Now that I’m strugglin’ in this business, by any means
Label me greedy gettin’ green, but seldom seen
And f–k the world ’cause I’m cursed
I’m havin’ visions of leavin’ here in a hearse

– Tupac, ‘So Many Tears’

Produced by the late Shock G, who gave Tupac his first break into the music industry. Back in 2010, Shock G via VIBE, spoke about the record. “‘So Many Tears’ is another one that wasn’t made with Pac in mind. Stevie Wonder’s ‘That Girl’ was one of my favorite songs, so I knew at some point I was going to sample it. You can hear Stevie’s texture on ‘So Many Tears. I didn’t jack the bassline…I wrote my own chords. But I used that metallic texture of ‘That Girl.’ Pac was just weird and special that way. He was not a businessman out to get rich. He was trying to change the world through music,” Shock G said.



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