Watch: Tupac Oreo Cookies Portrait & Amazing Bishop Hair Design

Barber specialist and self taught creative artists, Rob The Original, shows off his Tupac portrait made out of Oreo cookies and an amazing hair design of the iconic Bishop character.

Over the years, there have been plenty of Tupac tributes by various talented artists. This artist in particular, has taken the tribute to incredible artistic heights. The 37-year-old Mexican-American artist has recreated portraits of some of the greats such as Selena, Vincente Fernandez and Tupac Shakur.

Starting out in his mid-twenties, Rob was cutting hair in his neighborhood. It went from stars and zigzag’s into kids’ haircuts to then having requests of drawings designed into the haircuts. Although it took Rob time to perfect his own technique with the buzzer and scissors, the hard work and trusting the process paid off.

Rob The Original
Rob The Original (@robtheoriginal)

Now over 1 million followers on Instagram witness incredible haircut designs by Rob The Original. One of those designs came in 2019, when rapper Yung Joc’s haircut paid tribute to Tupac’s Bishop character. As you can see from the video below, Rob did an amazing job with the 3D design.

The artist is always evolving and learning new methods to create celebrity portraits. There is nothing that is off limits when creating these pieces of art. From glass, shifting powder, to salt and even recently Oreo cookies.

Continuing his incredible portraits of Tupac, Rob recently used Oreo cookies for this piece featuring one of hip hop’s greatest of all time. Over fifty Oreo cookies were used for the final product. The results were met with over 100K likes on Instagram, including one by Outlawz member Young Noble.

Rob, himself a Tupac fan since kid and has his own Tupac tattoo inked on his calf, was inspired by the rap legend. “He inspired me so much and I could relate as a minority in this country. Growing up on welfare and living in a low income home,” Rob said on an IG caption. Now the San Antonio native, is hoping to inspire artists such as himself.

“I feel that art is such a beautiful thing and it’s everywhere we look. I’m helping people visualize and see art where they can’t imagine it. I do endless mediums — and that’s what I’m trying to share with other artists or up-and-coming artists, that you can create art with anything you can think of,” said Rob to Billboard earlier this year.


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