Buckshot Reveals Tupac’s Plan To Unite With Biggie After One Nation Album

"He was gonna bring Death Row East. He was gonna start his own label" - Buckshot

Appearing on People’s Party podcast, Buckshot reveals Tupac’s plan for the One Nation album which ultimately had him reunite with Biggie.

During the height of the Tupac and Biggie beef, many within hip hop were left divided between the east coast and west coast. As the media ran with the narrative inciting a war between the two coasts, Tupac was hoping to kill the negativity. Continuing with his original plans formed in prison of a One Nation album, Tupac called many of his comrades on the east coast.

Brooklyn based super rap group, Boot Camp Clik, was one of those comrades to receive a call. Despite Boot Camp Clik already having their issues with Biggie Smalls, Buckshot insisted that his alliance with Tupac had nothing to do with the Bad Boy artist. “We had our own s*** with Biggie, but we did not go to the West Coast because of that. I want people to know that,” said Buckshot.

Buckshot (People’s Party)

“I got a call from Tupac personally on my phone. I spoke to him personally and he said he wanted us to come out, because he wanted to do the One Nation album. He planned that out in jail. He has the letters written in jail. So it wasn’t just based around, oh y’all got beef with Biggie. We gon’ make it strategic. No, it was not that,” explained Buckshot on People’s Party podcast.

Boot Camp Clik would then head to Cali and meet with Tupac upon his release from prison. According to Buckshot, Tupac’s goal for the One Nation album was to unite hip hop. The Brooklyn rapper also revealed that Tupac’s goal was to reunite with Biggie at the end of the project.

“His goal was to make hip hop one nation and get with Biggie at the end to show that really the intent was to yell loud enough for everybody to hear,” said Buckshot. “We used to be in his crib and that was his thing. Meaning, I wanna link with BIG. It ain’t BIG. That’s my brother.”

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