Loupy D Recalls 21 Year Old Tupac Performing As NFT Collection Is Sold

Interviewed on Hip Hop XXIV, photographer Loupy D spoke about his rare photos of Tupac being sold part of a special NFT collection.

The Los Angeles photographer is giving fans the opportunity to get their hands on an exclusive Tupac NFT Collection. The collection consist of 18 tokens from Tupac’s ‘2Pacalypse Now’ album release party. Taken in 1992, the photo NFT’s are being sold via OpenSea. “In conjunction with the NFT’s, I will be giving copies of the prints. Then I will also contribute a portion of the proceeds to charity that is going to benefit Tupac’s community where he grew up in Marin County California,” Loupy D said during his Hip Hop XXIV interview.

Tupac’s debut album ‘2Pacalypse Now’ touched on social issues facing American society. Issues such as racism, police brutality, poverty, black on black crime, and teenage pregnancy. After his contribution to Shock G’s Digital Underground, Tupac was ready to showcase his skills as a solo artist. Shakur did not fail, as he delivered the classic ‘Brenda’s Got A Baby.’

Loupy D witnessed Tupac’s transition as a solo artist when he saw Tupac’s solo performance at the Prince’s Gam Slam West nightclub. Loupy was able to take a shot as Tupac made his way through the stage door of the nightclub. According to Loupy D, Tupac was a true performer who knew how to put on a show for the crowd on hand.

“The atmosphere was hyped,” Loupy recalled. “The crowd was loving it. He put on a show. Think about this, he was a back up dancer for Digital Underground. So, he learned the value of using the stage to put on a show. not to stand there with a mic and spitting rhymes. He wasn’t just a rapper, he was a performer. He had a theater background. Tupac knew he had to engage the crowd.”


Tupac NFT Collection available now

During the performance, Loupy moved through the crowd taking photographers of Tupac from different angles. Now decades later and Tupac fans have the opportunity to own a piece of history. Auction ends on Monday, November 29, so act fast! For more info visit


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