Tupac Fans Praised By Treach For Keeping Legacy Alive

Twenty-six years later and Tupac Shakur’s legacy is stronger than ever. According to Treach, he credits Tupac fans for keeping his memory alive.

The world sadly lost Tupac Shakur 26-years ago as the rap icon was shot on the Vegas strip. Dying 6 days later, Tupac fans have continued to keep his legacy alive. No matter the circumstances, good or bad, Tupac fans are always vocal and ready for whatever.

Speaking with Hip Hop XXIV, Treach of Naughty By Nature who met Tupac early in his career and built a bond ever since, says “it’s like he never left.”

“Tupac is still a household name like he’s still putting out new music now, like he’s still doing movies, like he’s still shooting videos, still putting out albums. It’s really like he never left,” Treach explained. “The newer generation know him like they knew him.”

Tupac Fans Praised By Treach For Keeping Legacy Alive
Tupac (1993)

“Die hard fans, we know who you are. If it wasn’t for ya’ll, ‘Pac’s name could have slipped through the cracks. All the kids would have been, ‘Who Tupac? We don’t know him.’ Everybody still knows him, so hats off to the culture for keeping his name on the streets,” Treach said.

Tupac’s impact and his music still, relevant today, was also spoken about. According to Treach, Tupac was “going way past to just being a hip hop artist.” Tupac diving into politics or leading a movement appears to have been Tupac’s true destiny. His lyrics which often highlighted racism, police brutality, poverty, black on black crime, and teenage pregnancy, along with his upbringing and roots, all point towards Tupac standing up for justice in the world through his leadership.

“He was really committed to getting into the hoods and doing community activism,” Treach added. “It was in his blood from the door. And his concern was always about his people’s advancement.”

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