Mopreme Shakur Reacts To Vegas RAID, Memoir On The Way

As Mopreme Shakur prepares to release his memoir This Thug’s Life, Tupac’s step-brother reacts to the recent Vegas Raid involving Keefe D.

Mopreme Shakur, who recently lost his father Mutulu Shakur six months after being released from prison, the 55-year-old is ready to move straight ahead and release a memoir detailing part of his own journey.

This Thug’s Life will focus on Mopreme’s life up until the loss of his brother Tupac Shakur. Unlike the various projects that have been put out related to Tupac, Mopreme’s memoir will come straight from someone within the family with no outside interruptions.

“The good thing about it is that the people are gonna finally get to something directly from the family. From someone within the family. There is a lot of content created about and around us, but not specifically from us since our music rise,” explained Mopreme.

Fans will also have another opportunity to get their hands on a project that is completely backed up by the family when the official Tupac biography is released this fall. Tupac Shakur: the Authorized Biography, a 464 page hardcover biography will tell the story of an Artist, Poet, Actor, Revolutionary, Legend that was Tupac. The book is now available for preorder on Amazon (Click Here).

During his interview with Comedy Hype, Mopreme also broke his silence concerning the LVPD raiding a house allegedly in connection with Keefe D. According to multiple media outlets, police took hard drives, tablets, laptops, a copy of VIBE magazine featuring Tupac, along with the book Compton Street Legend, co-written by Keefe D. All evidence will be presented to a Las Vegas grand jury.

Mopreme Shakur’s reaction to the new development concerning Tupac’s demise, can be summed up with one word “confusion.”

“Twenty-seven years. They been knowing about dude for quite some time. At least twenty. He’s been doing interviews. He’s been doing books. I don’t understand what the delay is. I’m just confused overall about a lot of things with that case in Las Vegas and how things went down. And how things went down post,” said Mopreme during the 3-minute mark of the interview. “The powers that be know that something is happening. I don’t know what it is, but like I said get your popcorn. Everybody kick back and let’s see what’s gonna happen.”

Along with Mopreme Shakur, others have also chimed in to the Vegas raid, including Dear Mama director, Allen Hughes.

“In the community as we know and in the streets, there was never a mystery to who killed Tupac. That was never a mystery. It was always about Las Vegas law enforcement closing the case on this,” explained Hughes during an interview with ABC News. “What happened that night in the MGM Grand casino and that violent incident that Tupac had with that individual, again that guy everyone knows came back and shot Tupac.”


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