Treach Says Tupac Would Be Proud Of New Album In The Works

More than 26-years since the passing of Tupac Shakur, a new project featuring Tupac’s closes comrades, Treach and the Outlawz, is in the works.

Treach of the legendary hip hop group, Naught By Nature, has been busy with preparing for his new role as Nino Brown, in Je’Caryous Johnson’s New Jack City which will be live on stage in select cities starting November. Aside from the acting, Treach is also looking to tour and drop new music.

Part of the new music coming soon, is a seven song album in collaboration with Young Noble. The album will also feature E.D.I. Mean and was first revealed to the world during an exclusive interview with Hip Hop XXIV.

“Me and Noble been talking and we have a project coming that’s called “Outlaw By Nature,” Treach revealed on Hip Hop XXIV. “We in production with it now. He just sent me some tracks. So we in the laying process, recording and all of that. Like I said go to Treach Tribe on Instagram and everything I’m doing, I’m putting right out there.”

Treach Says Tupac Would Be Proud Of New Album In The Works
Treach performing Hail Mary at the 2017 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (YouTube)

This past September 13th, the world remembered the late great Tupac Shakur. For Treach, it is better late than never, as he prepares the upcoming “Outlaw By Nature” project. “I think ‘Pac would be like, ‘Finally my guys got together.’ So, it’s never too late. I never say never. The grind is there. So many different projects goin going on right now. Still recording. So definitely keep your ears and eyes open and just know that I still got that microphone and its hot.” Fans can expect a full line of merch and live shows in conjunction with the “Outlaw By Nature” project.

In related news, Treach also spoke about a potential Verzuz showdown between Tupac and Biggie Smalls. According to Treach he has a unique idea in mind if the Verzuz were to happen.

“They were brothers. ‘Pac loved them. “If it wasn’t them, I would think the little homie who played ‘Pac in his movie ‘All Eyez On Me’ and Jamal who played Biggie. I think they studied them so great, when you saw those films, I felt Like I was honestly watching them,” Treach said on Hip Hop XXIV. “Have them do it and on Biggie’s side, have Lil Kim and the real Junior Mafia and on ‘Pac’s side have the Outlawz,” Treach suggested on Hip Hop XXIV. “To me that would be like a reincarnation.”

Regardless if the Verzuz becomes a reality, Treach praised Tupac fans world wide for keeping his legacy alive. “Die hard fans, we know who you are. If it wasn’t for ya’ll, ‘Pac’s name could have slipped through the cracks. All the kids would have been, ‘Who Tupac? We don’t know him.’ Everybody still knows him, so hats off to the culture for keeping his name on the streets,” Treach said. (View: Tupac Fans Praised By Treach For Keeping Legacy Alive)


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