Tupac Dissed On Diddy Produced Fat Joe, Biggie Smalls Album

Swizz Beatz and Timbaland appeared on The Fat Joe Show where Biggie Smalls was discussed, which led to Fat Joe revealing a collaboration with Biggie was in the works filled with diss records aimed at Tupac Shakur.

Back on March 9th of 2021, the hip hop community remembered the life of Biggie Smalls who had passed away 24 years ago. Verzuz co-founders, Swizz Beatz and Timbaland, were some of those who celebrated Biggie’s life as they appeared on The Fat Joe Show via Instagram Live.

Swizz, Timbo, and Fat Joe went on to share their personal stories involving the late Brooklyn rapper. For Timbaland he remembers seeing Biggie early on in his career but never had a chance to work him. Timbaland also remembers attending the Vibe party the night Biggie was murdered. In fact, Timbaland was two cars ahead of Biggie. “It was just wild for me that night, because I always wanted to work with him,” recalled the multi-hit producer. “I was crushed.”

Tupac Dissed On Diddy Produced Fat Joe, Biggie Smalls Album
Tupac (House of Blues, 1996)

Swizz on the other hand was with Jadakiss the last time he had seen Biggie. This is when the Brooklyn rapper told Swizz he wanted him to produce songs for him just as he had done for Jada. “Every time I’d seen him he had that great energy,” Swizz said.

Fat Joe, on the other hand, was able to work with Biggie Smalls. I worked on an album with Biggie,” Fat Joe recalls. “We cut about five songs together. He was like your the Latino Don, I’m like the Black Don.” For those who may not believe Joe, he ensures the album can be verified by Puff Daddy who was producing the project.

Joey Crack also admitted the songs were aimed at Tupac. “So, that will never see the light of day. Which is respectfully so, because you know they both passed on.” Joey Crack had also shared this story before when he appeared on VLAD TV as seen below.

Interestingly enough, according to former member of the OutlawzNapoleon, and Fat Joe himself, Joey Crack had looked out for Tupac while he was in prison in 1995. “Even Pac told us. I heard it out of his mouth that when he was up north in Clinton, he said that Joe’s people held me down,” Napoleon said when he appeared on The Fat Joe Show summer of 2020.


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