Charleston White: This Generation Of Rappers Tupac Warned Us About

Charleston White appeared on SAY CHEESE! where he detailed the difference between the new generation of rappers and Tupac Shakur.

Since Tupac’s passing, many have tried to emulate the icon through various ways. Bold head, bandanna, shirtless – but have all fallen short of the total package that was Tupac Shakur. According to Charleston White non have the spirit of Tupac.

“They don’t have the spirit of Tupac, just listen to their lyrics. Just because they have the influence, they don’t have the spirit of him. Their lyrics led them all to destruction. Some of Tupac’s lyrics led us to college,” White explained.

Although at times Tupac acted in a self-destructive way, the world was able to witness the pain and reasoning behind his actions. The good, the bad, the ups and downs. Along with the pain, Tupac inspired many and sparked the brain with many hits. “The don’t have Tupac’s spirit, let alone do they have the mental capacity to decipher the knowledge he gave us through songs. Todays rapper are more or less, they given us more angry violent lyrics, then an educational tone to the anger.”

Is DaBaby Todays Tupac?

Still till this day, many compare rappers to Tupac. Recently Fat Joe was asked on BET‘s Rap City ’21 Special hosted by Big Tigger, who was the 2021 Tupac. Fat Joe’s response shocked many. “I should know the Tupac one. I don’t know, it’s hard to be these guys. You be asking some crazy stuff. I would say DaBaby,” Fat Joe said. DaBaby co-signed the comparison as he shared the clip on his official Instagram account. “Agreed.📌but they gone salt that down too Crack🤫,” DaBaby wrote in the video caption.

Fat Joe received backlash from many fans, who simply couldn’t see the comparison between Tupac and DaBaby. Shakur a hip hop icon, even before reaching such status, his lyrics was uplifting his community. His political-panther background was quite evident on many of his songs. He was not perfect, but he did paint a picture of reality. Tupac’s range as an artist was endless.


Clarifying his answer, Fat Joe took to Twitter and tweeted, “No ones 2pac there’s only one but I was asked the question and da baby a super real one he lives what he raps about.”

“This the generation of rappers warned us about,” White said. “If you go back to Tupac’s lyrics, he warned us that these young kids were coming. That we was gonna have a race of babies, who make the babies, that hate the ladies. If you just go and listen to some of his songs, he said it. So, here we are.”


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