Fat Joe, Mike Tyson Debate Tupac’s Planned Death On IG Live

Mike Tyson joins Fat Joe on this edition of Tupac Uncensored Rewind, where Tyson claims Tupac’s death was planned.

During the pandemic, nightly on IG Live, Hip Hop artist Fat Joe along with special guests discuss various topics. Nothing is off limits. Especially on this particular live video where special guest Mike Tyson talks about the night Tupac Shakur was shot in Vegas.

Shot on the Vegas strip after the Mike Tyson fight in 1996, Tupac would Pass away six days later. The murder remains unsolved. Although the “streets” claim to know exactly what went done, that has never stopped theories from developing.

Tupac and Mike Tyson (YouTube)

Even after his passing, many still believe Tupac is alive. And with good reasons. Tupac himself is probably the biggest culprit in why many believe he faked his death, as he left tons of clues prior to his passing and after in his music. (View: Dr. Oz On Tupac’s Autopsy: The Whole Thing Is Rather Strange)

On the infamous night in Vegas, Mike Tyson took on Bruce Seldon live at the MGM Grand. Tyson came out victorious by 1st-round knockout in one of the shortest Heavyweight championship fights in boxing history, lasting just 1:49. With Tupac in attendance who was pressured by Tyson to complete his ring entrance that evening, the celebration would quickly come to a halt minutes later.

When asked about how Tyson felt after hearing about Tupac being shot on the Vegas strip, Tyson said it was all planned out. “I just think, this is my personal opinion, all that stuff was planned in advance.”

Viewers were not quite sure of what iron Mike Tyson is referring to. Host Fat Joe asked for Tyson to elaborate on his comments. “That was the perfect opportunity for something like that to happen,” explained Tyson. “Everybody knew everybody was gonna be there.”

“This is the deal with Tupac, and this is just the real. Tupac was just a force. He was an uncontrolled force, and that was the problem. He was powerful. No one could control him,” said Tyson.


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