What Happened After Smith And Tupac’s Fiancé Kidada Crossed Paths?

Closing out the exclusive clip with Cam Capone News, Desiree Smith reveals what happened when she and Tupac’s fiancé, Kidada Jones, ran into each other.

Before he passed away at the age of twenty-five, Tupac Shakur was engaged to Kidada Jones. Know as the daughter of legendary composer Quincy Jones, Tupac would meet Kidada as he attempted to apologize for his unkindly remarks about her father. Tupac’s issue at the time was Quincy Jones’ biracial marriage to Kidada’s mother. After apologizing to Quincy and Kidada, Tupac would fall for Kidada.

After being shot 4 times on the Vegas strip, Tupac stayed at the UMC where the world prayed he would recover. During this time is when Kidada and Tupac’s close friend Desiree Smith would meet for the very first time.

Instantly Kidada gave Smith a hard time, but that was until Tupac’s aunt would intervene and allow Smith to stay with the family. “She didn’t like me from the moment she showed up at the hospital. She had a little attitude about it,” Desiree recalled. “First off we’re in the hospital, you’re concern should be is his health, not me.”

Unfortunately Tupac would pass away six days after his mother decided to not let his son suffer anymore. Once again Kidada and Smith would see each other. “We saw each other at his mom’s room after he passed, Desiree said on Cam Capone News.


Years later Smith and Kidada would run into each other as the two were working at a Tommy Hilfiger fashion show. “I was working with a friend at a Tommy Hilfiger fashion show. She [Kidada] worked with Tommy,” Desiree explained. “So, when she saw me, she had another attitude attack. So, I had to work from home. She didn’t want me there.”


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