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Battle Rap Legend RJ Payne Drops ‘Pac Energy’ Ft. Young Noble

RJ Payne is coming with that “Pac Energy” in 2023 as he features Outlawz member Young Noble in his latest single.

Known for his memorable battle raps, RJ Payne is setting the tone for what’s next. After releasing an excessive body of work and previously signing with Def Jam records which unfortunately never materialized the way Payne had hoped, the talented rapper out of Brooklyn is ready to take over the industry in 2023.

After kicking things off with his latest project ‘My Life Iz a Movie 1,’ RJ Payne connects with another artist who can match his intensity on the mic. Young Noble of the legendary Outlawz group formed by Tupac Shakur, joins Payne on the new single ‘Pac Energy.’

Produced by CarTuneBeatz, ‘Pac Energy’ has RJ Payne immediately grab the attention of the listener as soon as the beat drops. With a hook in which Payne raps, “This that real block energy, glock tendencies
/ Pour up a shot of Hennessy , watch your enemies,”
the tone is set with the next 2 minutes and 50 seconds continuing with the intensity.

The Outlaw vet kicks off the track where he reminisces on his early days in the rap game. “I’ve been in this s*** since nine six, came in the game on that old Makaveli, that Hail Mary s*** / Tear drops and closed caskets, the burners and the ratchets raised as ghetto bastards,” raps Young Noble.

Payne follows Young Noble on the track with his own nod to the late Tupac Shakur. “I bet that n* Pac smiling in heaven solid expression / I mixed it with this violent aggression then boom I’m lighting up the room every line is florescent / Hell razor, I’m troublesome on my enemies, n* graduated from bubble gum and hennesy.”


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