Faith Evans Disguised Visits Tupac In Hotel Room Recalls Yukmouth

Detailing Faith Evans disguised hotel visit to see Tupac was Yukmouth during an interview on Cam Capone News.

Yukmouth and Tupac knew of one another, but unfortunately the two artists finally linked during Tupac’s last year alive. Although Yukmouth had memorable moments with Tupac, this particular story was told to him by fellow Regime member, Dru Down.

“Dru Down I guess was at the same hotel ‘Pac was staying at,” Yukmouth said recalling the infamous night Faith Evans visited Tupac in a hotel. “That’s when allegedly the night when Faith came over to the room and Dru Down was in the room when she came up. ‘Pac was like, ‘Watch and see who I got. You ain’t gon’ believe who’s coming’, something like that. ‘Answer the door’. So Dru answered the door and it was Faith.”

Faith Evans Disguised Visits Tupac In Hotel Room Says Yukmouth
Yukmouth (Cam Capone News)

Dru Down himself had the opportunity to detail what he encountered. As told on Smoke-A-Lot-Radio, Dru Down claims he and Tupac were drinking champagne as they awaited a special female guest. Shakur ensured Dru Down he wouldn’t believe who was stopping by. Moments later there was a knock on the door and Tupac quickly ran through furniture to answer the door.

“The (female) looked like a grim reaper,” the rapper recalls jokingly on Smoke-A-Lot Radio. “The (female) looked at me so fast and said, ‘Hey Dru Down’. And I looked and I was like who the (hell) is this?” To Dru’s surprise it was Faith Evans, the same Faith Evans he had just seen days ago with Biggie Smalls at the Roxbury.

For long Faith Evans has denied any sexual relations with Tupac. Stirring the pot was Tupac when he dropped hip hop’s greatest diss record. Tupac claiming he f*** Biggie’s wife kicked off “Hit ‘Em Up.” Despite Evans claiming her innocence, others such as Desiree Smith, Tupac’s ex-girlfriend, believe otherwise.

According to Smith, Tupac had been plotting to sleep with Evans since the time he was incarcerated in 1995. As Biggie Smalls and Faith Evans’ marriage was coming to an end, Tupac seized the opportunity. Tupac was able to link with Faith Evans and the two would record a song together. Although the record was never released due to Bad Boy records not approving the song, the damage had already been done.

“He called me and he was like, I did it!’ I’m like, ‘What you did? What happened? What you did?’ And, I’m thinking something musically or a role and he’s like, ‘I f–k her,’” Desiree said in an interview with Cam Capone News. “He was like, ‘Yeah that sh-t was easy.’” (View: Ex-Girlfriend Explains How Tupac Slept With Faith Evans)


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