Was Tupac Shakur On Ludacris Top 5 Dead Or Alive List?

Appearing on The Fat Joe Show, Ludacris named his top 5 dead or alive, with Tupac Shakur and Jay-Z making the list.

“Man, that is such a hard question bro, but let me just try and figure it out,” Ludacris said when asked about his top 5. “Ima put Scarface in there. I don’t feel he gets his just do. Definitely paved the way for a lot of individuals.”

One of those individuals is Luda himself, who Scarface signed to Def Jam when he was President of Def Jam South. “He is not on my list because of that. I was a fan way before that.”

Was Tupac Shakur On Ludacris Top 5 Dead Or Alive List?

“Ima put Outkast, or I’ll just say Andre3000 in there. Jay-Z man, you gotta give him his flowers one-hundred percent,” Ludacris said, naming three.

With two remaining spots, Ludacris went with what he feels are must have for anyone’s top 5. “B.I.G., there’s no way you cannot include this man. I mean what he accomplished in two albums, is more than what most rappers accomplish in however many albums they put out.”

“My number one I feel is gonna be Tupac for the simple fact of his impact of what he had. It is like the epitome of music and how it is supposed to connect emotionally to a human being. His passion and his lyrics and what he stood for and his consistency is unmatched to any person that has ever rapped on this earth in my opinion,” Ludacris said, closing out his top 5 list.

Fun Fact: Luda appeared on Tupac’s posthumous release Pac’s Life in 2017 on the song ‘Playa Cardz Right (Male Version).’

Earlier this summer, Outlawz member E.D.I. Mean also revealed his top 5. A list that did not include Biggie Smalls or Tupac. “Off top Ima leave two rappers off that list, that I feel like and feel expect me to say,” E.D.I. said. “So, that’s Tupac and BIG. I ain’t even gonna put them on there.” Watch as E.D.I. names his top 5 here.


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